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Famous Bull Terriers

You say you've never seen Bull Terriers before?  Look at all the Famous Bullies, both past and present!  

Blue and  Hockey Coach Don Cherry
Dogs LifeIt's A Dog's Life
Goose & GrimmMother Goose & Grimm
Incred JourneyThe Incredible Journey" Book by Sheila Burnford
MaxineShoebox Cards - Subsidiary of Hallmark Greeting Cards
Pappy Meatball Maj. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington 
Pig City Babe - Pig in the City
Rufus is the most successful Bull Terrier  in the history of the breed.
SpudsSpokes dog for Bud Light Beer from 1987 to 1989.
Target Target Stores
Ty CompanyTy Company
Willy PattonGeneral Patton's dog.

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