J&R Computer/Music World Bull Terrier Breeders


This is a list of breeders that are in good standing with the BullTerrierDallas.COM. They may/may not have puppies or are planning on having litters soon.     

  1. Kim D. Holmes  Sherlock Kennel, Forney, Texas @ sherlockbt@yahoo.com 
  2. D Bar Kennel - breeders@bullterrierdallas.com 
  3. David and Teresa Westwood - Tulsadoom  - tulsadoombullies@ntlworld.com 
  4. Rudi and Cathie Dettmar - The Joker- btthejoker@gmx.com , An den Teichen 6, 31177 Harsum, Germany, Tel/Fax: (0)5127 69322
  5. David and Carol Alexander - Brigadoon Bull Terriers brigadoonbt@aol.com Box 7195 Spreckels, CA 93962
Only Bull Terrier Breeders that meet strict health testing requirements and/or produce dogs with long life spans are presented on our Breeder pages.  To often health testing alone is considered enough, it is not, the true guide is producing dogs that have a long and happy life.

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